How To Find The Best Car Dealerships In Columbia, South Carolina

Do you need to Find The Best Car Dealerships in Columbia, South Carolina?

If you need to find the best car dealerships in Columbia South Carolina to buy either new or used cars, trucks, or SUV’s from, this is your lucky day!

I have put together for you not only the steps to take to find the best and most conveniently located car dealerships in the Columbia, SC area. By using this guide you will be able to find car dealers that offer the best-certified technicians, service centers, and service departments among all the dealerships available.

Not only that, each dealership offers test drives for all their vehicles. All you have to do is schedule a service appointment with the dealership and set you up with a time and date to come in for your test drive.

For some information on why test drives are so important, be sure to watch the following video:

Today’s new and used car dealerships have the same bad reputation and stereotypes as the dealers of the eighties. It’s always a big joke when people start talking fast, used car dealers in checkered suits standing in a dealership waiting for the next victim. Many car dealers have worked very hard over the years to improve their reputation by providing more information about their vehicles to help consumers.

How To Find The Best Car Dealerships In Columbia, South Carolina:

Research and Take Your Time

Knowledge is your strongest tool when it comes to buying your next vehicle. Spend time on the Internet and familiarize yourself with what you are looking for and for which vehicles you buy the vehicles you want. These pages give you an idea of ​​which vehicles are sold for what you want to buy.

Note that the prices you see on these websites only charge prices and do not reflect the exact prices at which the vehicles are sold. Make sure you get a historical report on the vehicle you want to buy. This step can save you many sleepless nights and give you the assurance that you will not buy another person’s lemon.

Determine Your Actual Car Buying Needs

Sometimes we think we need this sporty convertible because it looks good. However, our real need could be an SUV to transport the family with more space and comfort than the small sports car. If you have to travel a long way to work, you may want a vehicle that can deliver better gasoline performance.

Another important consideration is what kind of monthly payment you can pay monthly? An expensive car can be fun and show your new wheels in the first few months of driving. However, it can also become a big burden as time goes by, and you find that at the end of the month, you have more money than you have for your payments.

Where Can You Find High-Quality Cars

Most used car dealers in Columbia South Carolina and the dealers in your area have a good selection of quality used cars. If you live in a small town, you may need to drive to a larger city with an inventory and inventory of larger used vehicles. You can also search online as there are numerous websites where you can search from the comfort of your own home.

No matter where you live today, you are usually close to some well-known used car dealers. Before you visit the dealer, visit the website as you will usually get the most details and data about the vehicle you are looking for online.

This is the most important thing when choosing a dealership. It’s easy to do business with fair, honest and up-and-coming car dealers as long as you find a reputable dealer. You should contact the Better Business Bureau for Car Dealers on the Reliability Report, and you can ask family and friends about the former car dealers they dealt with and were satisfied with.

Why You Need The Best Car Dealership

A big advantage that a used car dealer offers to people is the budget options. People can choose between very expensive and very cheap cars that are cheap in the same amount. This simply gives customers more options and people really enjoy these options. A used car dealer can also prevent people from going to many different dealers because they always carry vehicles of different brands.

Customer service is an important aspect when it comes to the employees and owners of a used car dealer. Your mission is to find the right car for the right person and sell it at the right price. If your customers are not satisfied, they lose the business. For this reason, these types of car dealerships are much friendlier than internal dealerships.

Used cars simply save money. These savings can result from the total price of the car and the insurance cost of a car. Used cars are cheaper in insurance than the new purchase. There is also more room in the price that a vehicle can negotiate instead of paying for the new premium of the vehicle that other dealers have.

If you are looking for a new car on the market, you should take a look at the used vehicles again. Many cars sold come from a lease, which means low miles and stayed fine. This is the best buy for a customer. No matter what budget you have or what kind of car is on the market, a used car lot has the best chance of meeting your needs.

Top 13 Car dealerships in Columbia SC:

1. Rushing Automotive

Contact information.

(803) 561-0001

3933 Broad River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

2. Dick Smith Ford

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 254-4000

Address: 7201 Garners Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC 29209

3. Dick Smith Infiniti

Phone: (800) 999-4080

Address: 3670 Fernandina Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

4. DriveTime Used Cars

Phone: (803) 223-0840

Address: 178 Greystone Blvd, Columbia, SC 29210

5. Godwin Motors

Services offered.

Tire Balancing

-Wheel Alignment

-Tire Rotation

-Vehicle Electrical Repair

-Brake Services

-Oil Change

-Seasonal Tire Installation

-Headlight & Taillight Services

-Air Conditioning Services

-Muffler & Exhaust Services

-Hybrid Car Repair

-Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment

-Transmission Repair

-Free Estimates

-Tire Installation

-Classic Car Repair

-Battery Services

-Tire Repair

-Shuttle Services

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 252-8774

Address: 4032 W Beltline Blvd, Columbia, SC 29204

6. CarMax

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 750-0856

Address: 555 Jamil Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

7. Philips Auto Tech

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 786-1135

Address: 3137 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29204

8. Latinos Used Cars

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 414-4382

Address: 6403 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29223

9. Exclusive Auto Wholesale

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 699-5480

Address: 10609 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29223

10. LDVD Auto Sales

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 549-6512

Address: 10840 Two Notch Rd, Elgin, SC 29045

11. Martin’s Motorworx Auto Sales

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 401-5750

Address: 2652 Two Notch Rd, Columbia, SC 29204

12. Nix Used Cars

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 765-0200

Address: 2929 Truman St, Columbia, SC 29204

13. Japan Direct Motors

Contact information.

Phone: (803) 622-8962

Address: 185 Old Dutch Fork Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

Top Honda cars and vehicles available at car dealerships in Columbia, SC:

1. 2016 Honda Accord EX-L

Price range $19,466

Engine: 2.4L I-4 cyl

Mileage: 45703

2. 2017 Honda Civic LX

Price range $17,446

Engine:2.4L I-4 cyl


3. 2016 Honda Accord Sport

Price range $19,568

Engine: 2.4L I-4 cyl

Mileage: 25504

4. 2017 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition

Price range $20,306

Engine: 2.4L I-4 cyl

Mileage: 25762

5. 2016 Honda CR-V EX

Price range $20,965

Engine: 2.4L I-4 cyl

Mileage: 37659

Buying A Used Car The Right Way:

The purchase of used vehicles guarantees savings, especially if they are only a few years old, mechanically and materially in good condition. Even a high-end used car, which is only one year old, has a lower price than its new counterpart. If your budget can not afford to buy new electric cars from manufacturers, you can still buy them cheaper when you buy from used car dealers.

To meet the growing demands of consumers, car dealers are now offering certified used vehicles. The certified used vehicles were extensively tested mechanically and physically. They have also been updated to be as close as possible to new cars.

To know that a car is certified, you must make sure that the manufacturer’s warranty exists. Of course, it is still advisable to check the vehicle to see if the vehicle to be sold has not been stolen or has no appreciable waste. Even big car dealerships are hacked.

They also have the guarantee that traders’ used cars are less than five years old, have traveled less than 80,000 km and are equipped with financing and roadside assistance. Sometimes car dealers offer maintenance services. Frequently vehicle owners do not wait for the dealer from whom they bought the vehicle. Therefore, no maintenance documents are available from the dealer.

Properly Inspect A Used Car

Caution At used car dealers, you can check the status of the used car yourself. Dealers even recommend testing the vehicle for a road test to check the condition of the engines, tires, radiator, carburetor, lighting system, brake system, and air conditioning.

The average driver does not fully understand the interior of the vehicle engine. When it’s time to buy another car, it’s scary to think that you can buy something that has problems and that you are responsible for the repair.

When you buy your next car from a used car dealer, you can feel comfortable. Your mechanics have already inspected the engine. Service technicians resolve identified defects before they are offered for sale.

Gather All Financial, Warranty & Legal Documents Together

Depending on the game, the dealer gives you a limited warranty to protect against the problems your mechanics have overlooked. Of course, to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition, you must request all the maintenance documents of the vehicle.

To get a license for your vehicle, you have to prove that it belongs to you. This means that you must have papers showing that you have bought the car and that you have the original title so you can change it on your behalf.

If you have a loan for the car, you must also provide this information to the DMV. For a private seller, you and the seller must ensure that all documentation is complete. The seller signs the title with you and must provide you with a document showing the sale.

Car dealers do most of the documents for you. You fill out all the documents you need to get the title and license for the vehicle.

You may still need to go to the DMV to submit the forms. But you save time and problems. Car dealers have improved their used car programs.

Car dealers sometimes offer you almost a new car with many practical options at an attractive price. This makes buying a used car from a dealer much safer than an ad in a newspaper or online source.

For more information on how to find the best new and used car dealerships for your next vehicle purchase, be sure to read the following related articles.

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